Ernst Neumann
stem cell

 In  1868 Ernst Neumann  desribed the presence of nucleated red blood cells in  bone marrow sap of humans and rabbits. On the basis of this observation, he was the first to conclude that  during postembryonic life, erythropoiesis and leukopoiesis is taking place in the bone marrow. Soon, he postulated a common cell for all hematopoietic cells and called itself 1869 “lympoide Markzelle”, 1896 “großer Lymphozyt” and 1912 “großlymphozytäre Stammzelle” (great-lypmphocytic stem cell). Until his death in 1918 , he was creative in research so that additional discoveries are linked to this “Virchow of the East” , e.g. myelogenous  leukemia, law of distribution of red and yellow bone marrow .   Two universities awarded him honory doctorates (1898 Tübingen, 1914 Geneva) and american scientists rediscovered Neumann as “His Significance of Todays Hematology” (Rosenow 1967 , Wintrobe, Tavassoli), see button Cytology and Rediscovery

Neumann proposed, in opposition to Paul Ehrlich, in view of his one-stem-cell-theory for all blood-cell-lines even in extrauterin life, to create a culture esp. for this stemcell  “as Robert Koch showed us colonies growing out of one bacterium”. Nobody noticed this idea (beside Pappenheim), which became such an importance for today... Table of the history of the stem-cell, see button stem cell

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Draft by Ernst Neumann himself, showing the development of erythropoiesis in embryonic liver 1914; GrLK: great lymphozyt (stem cell); Erblk: Erythroblast; Rk: original nucleus of reticulum cell(another picture see button stem cell).

Report about the history of hematology on the occasion of the 450 year jubilee of the Königsberg University in 1994 in Kaliningrad/ Koenigsberg, given by the author of this homepage, published in: Neumann-Redlin von Meding,E: Ernst Neumann (1834-1918).- Die Beschreibung der funktionellen Morphologie des Knochenmarks am Pathologischen Institut Königsberg und dessen Einfluß auf die Hämatolgie des 19.Jahrhunderts. In: Die Albertus-Universität zu Königsberg und ihre Professoren: Hsg. Dietrich Rauschning und Donata v. Nerrée. Verlag Duncker und Humblot, Berlin (1995), S. 425-437.

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